Travel Tips & FAQs

The currency in India is known as Rupee, and it comes in denominations including Re.1, Rs.2, Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs20, Rs.50, Rs.100, and Rs.500.
Money exchangers and banks at airports are open round the clock for currency exchange. Additionally, hotels and recognized international money exchange centers in big cities offer exchange services.
Tap water in India is usually used for bathing and laundry purposes, so it is not safe for drinking.
It is advisable to drink bottled mineral water, especially while eating out in restaurants. Avoid water from plastic bags sold by roadside vendors. When traveling, use bottled water for brushing and flossing. If staying somewhere without water filtration, insist on bottled mineral water or drink boiled water.
Tipping is not mandatory in India, but it's appreciated. Generally, a 10% tip of the total bill is standard in hotels and restaurants. For hotel porters, a tip of Rs.20 to 30 per baggage is appropriate. Guides typically receive around USD 05 for half day to USD 10 for full day, depending on satisfaction.
It is suggested to check in 02 hours before domestic flights and 03 hours before international flights in India.
Consider getting vaccine shots for protection against certain diseases. Avoid drinking tap water, stick to vegetarian cuisine or eat at reputable establishments for non-vegetarian dishes, and carry a small first aid kit with essential medications.
Eat hot food, avoid cut fruits and salads from roadside vendors, and refrain from consuming food from roadside vendors due to contamination risks. Opt for reputable restaurants and avoid eating at empty or dingy establishments.
Smart casuals are generally acceptable in most hotels and restaurants. When visiting religious sites like temples, tombs, dargahs, or Gurudwaras, avoid scanty clothing, cover your head in Gurudwaras, and refrain from wearing revealing or provocative attire, especially for women.
Free baggage allowance for air travel within India is typically 15 Kg, with a 7 Kg limit for hand luggage. Extra baggage may incur charges, which vary depending on the airline.
Most hotels offer same-day laundry services, so it's not necessary to carry a lot of clothes. Laundry services are available at various places throughout India.
Yes, there may be charges for exceeding the baggage allowance on flights in India. Extra baggage fees are typically Rs.100 for the first 5 kilos and Rs.300 for every kilo after 20 kilos, payable in cash at the check-in counter of the respective airline at the airport.